Case histories

Case history articles, also known as application stories or testimonials, have enormous credibility because they feature a real customer talking about how your product or service solved a real problem. Structured Information has written more than 6,000 case histories, more than any other team. We have the technical background to write about virtually any area of technology — email for examples. We can handle the entire job of creating a case history article, including gaining permission from the customer, conducting interviews, writing, edits, approvals and illustrations — all at a reasonable price that is fixed in advance. Our extensive experience allows us to produce a first draft that requires no more than minor edits 95% of the time. We can place your case histories in print publications and websites to bring them to the attention of tens or hundreds of thousands of readers. 

White papers/bylined articles

White papers have become one of the most sought-after and useful sources of information for business buyers of technology products. For example, an Information Week study says that 76% of technology buyers use white papers for general education and 73.8% use them to investigate possible technology solutions. Research performed by Webtrends shows using a whitepaper as the opt-in can double the response of a technology marketing campaign. Structured Information has written over 2,000 white papers on a wide range of technical subjects.  We have the technical background to write about virtually any area of technology — email for examples. We can conserve the time of your subject matter experts by getting all the information we need to produce a professional first draft in an hour or two of interviews plus our own research. We will produce as many drafts of the paper as are needed to make you happy at no extra cost. We can also gain wide readership for your white paper by placing it in industry publications and portals. 


Blogs can dramatically increase your website traffic by providing useful content that improves its position in search engines. Blogs also give prospects and customers a reason to return day after day to your website. Yet the key technical contributors in many companies have too many responsibilities to spend significant amounts of time blogging. We can help address this problem by briefing interviewing your technical people and writing concise, informative blogs that appear under their name. We can also produce blog entries without even requiring an interview on such topics as trends and news items in your industry. Email for examples of our work blogging for many leading technology companies.

Public relations programs

We provide complete public relations programs tailored to the needs of our clients. A typical program includes some or all of the following services:

  • Writing of articles
  • Rewriting articles as needed to meet publication requirements
  • Placement of articles
  • Can include publications in North America, Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world
  • Writing of press releases
  • Distribution of press releases
  • Tracking editorial calendars of key publications and maintaining contacts with editors to place client information in articles written by editorial staff
  • Responding to requests by editors
  • Maintaining a database of the status of each project and our contacts with editors

Our technical background equips us to communicate with editors in any technical field and to provide them with articles, interviews, background information, images, etc. that meet their needs. Chances are, we already are in regular contact with the editors of the publications where you would like your material to appear. Email for examples of articles we have placed in publications that reach your customers. We are able to communicate with European editors in their native language. We can design a custom public relations program to take advantage of editorial opportunities in publications that reach your customers and prospects.

Press release writing and distribution

Press releases inform prospects and customers about new products, applications, company news, etc. They also help increase web traffic by generating backlinks — the primary method used by Google and other search engines to determine page ranking in search results. We can generate more press release pickups by writing the release so it’s ready to publish with little or no editing. Publications are looking for news so we will lead your release with what is newsworthy about the announcement. We back up any statement that might be viewed as subjective with evidence such as design details or a quote from one of your executives. We can produce a targeted list of publications that reach your customers and distribute the release individually to each editor. We provide everything an editor will need to put the release into print with the initial submission, such as high-res graphics and contact information for readers. We respond to requests by editors for more information and track hits in a spreadsheet with a link to each placement.

Article placement services

We have developed strong relationships with leading publications that serve all areas of technology and all industries that purchase technology. We place articles in publications around the world and have a person on our staff that speaks fluent French and German. In a typical month we place dozens of articles for our clients. We track editorial calendars to stay on top of potential placement opportunities for our clients. We offer article placement services on a pay-for-success-only basis. Please contact us for specific examples of our experience in working with the publications that interest you.

Wikipedia articles

Wikipedia is the first place that most people go when they are searching for information on a topic, as evidenced by the fact that it is one of the most visited websites. We have considerable experience in writing Wikipedia articles on companies, products and topics in the technology field. We are familiar with the ins and outs of writing an article that meets Wikipedia editorial standards. We also can write and place articles on your company, products and technology in trade journals and industry web sites that will increase your notability and make it easier to get published on Wikipedia.

Website copy

We can quickly understand your product and market and develop words and illustrations for your web site that communicate your message in your prospect’s language. Instead of having your engineers and executives spending their valuable time writing, we’ll do short interviews with them to clarify your message, then create copy and graphics that will grab the attention of potential buyers. We can develop anything from content for a single page to your entire site on a project basis.

Writing collateral

The most critical skill involved in creating great collateral is understanding the technology and the markets involved so the technical message can be integrated into the copy and graphic design. Our broad technical background helps us shape all of the print materials we produce to clearly deliver the appropriate technical message in the prospect’s own language. Our experience means that we can get up to speed on your product very quickly. We understand the concepts and terminology of your business from writing articles on the same or related topics. We will dig deeply into your technology and deliver printed materials that shorten the sales cycle by explaining your message to prospects in the level of detail that is needed to motivate them to seek out personal contact with your sales team.